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Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning Central London

The kitchen is one place where cleanliness really is essential. The state of your kitchen could make or break your business – if a professional kitchen isn’t up to scratch it could lead to health issues for your customers, inspection failures and even the imposing risk of your business being shut down. Cleaning can be a lot to take on by your kitchen staff on top of their other responsibilities, so why not let us shoulder some of the burden? Clean A Services offer professional kitchen cleaning across South London and Central London.

We understand that kitchens require a more comprehensive, thorough clean than many rooms, including inside ovens and other appliances. This process is called kitchen deep cleaning, and our team of professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to carry out deep cleans to the highest standard. Our kitchen deep clean will include deep cleaning all cooking equipment and deep fat fryers and thoroughly cleaning lights, ceiling, walls, floors and fixtures and fittings. We’ll even clean your extraction units – we really do every we can to ensure we leave you with a hygienic, sterile environment.

Kitchen Cleaning South London

With over 29 years experience in the cleaning industry, we’re happy working on all manner of kitchens regardless of size and dimensions. We have experience in a number of different industries, including restaurants, bars, fast-food outlets, hospitals and school, so whatever your industry you can be confident that our kitchen cleaners will carry out a competent job. We can also provide kitchen cleaning for private home owners, so if your kitchen at home is looking like it’s seen better days, we’ll be happy to get in sparkling for you once again.

If you’re based in Central London or South London and are looking for kitchen cleaning services, we’d be happy to help. Call us today on 0800 216 589 or contact us online for more information.

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