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Top Tips for Wooden Floor Maintenance

Wooden flooring is beautiful and durable, but it does require some maintenance. Here are a few basic steps that you can take to keep your floor looking its best over the years.

Dustbusting. It’s best to try and sweep or mop every day to remove dirt and debris. You could also use a vacuum cleaner for this job, but make sure it does not use a revolving brush that could mark your flooring. Look out for specially designed polishes that can help to maintain the surface lacquer.

Rugs and Mats. Place doormats by any external doors so that people are encouraged to remove any dirt from their shoes on the way in. If you notice marks appearing in a particular area you could also consider using a rug to protect the flooring where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Dehumidify. If the air in your home or office has a high water content then a dehumidifier will help to protect your wooden flooring from excess moisture, which could cause it to swell and warp.

Stain Removal. A spillage should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid it staining, but take care not to use too much water. If a stain has already set in then you may need to have your floorboards sanded back and refinished in order to remove the mark.

Here at CA Support Services we offer floor sanding as part of our comprehensive building maintenance service. Whether you wish to tackle a stain, remove the marks left by heels and furniture or just to bring your flooring back to its best, we can help.

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